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Package 2: Animated Muscle & Skeletal Tutorials Plus Study Guides

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Product Description

For students who want to go to focus their study attention on Muscles & Skeletal areas of the body, this package is for you. User interface conducive to learning and content retention. Here are a few examples for your review.

Digestive System Study Guide
Gastrocnemius Muscle Tutorial
Landmarks of the Leg and Foot Skeletal Tutorial
Muscles of the Neck Study Review

  • Animated Muscle Tutorials:  113 tutorials that covers muscle name, description, Synergist(s), Antagonist(s), Orign(s), Insertion(s), and Actions plus short quiz.
  • Muscle Reviews:  19 muscle reviews that include the muscle name, description, Synergist(s), Antagonist(s), Orign(s), Insertion(s), Nerve(s), and Actions plus short quiz.
  • Animated Skeletal Tutorials:  7 tutorials that cover skeletal tutorials that includes the Landmarks, Inferior Views, Lateral Views, Medial Views, Posterior Views, Anterior Views return where you left off or return to the beginning, re-take as much as you like.
  • Animated Study Guides:  35 study guides, learn at your own pace, with audio voiceover, videos showing movements, over 75 downloadable files supporting content areas, images that depict parts of the body, Massage terms glossary.

Attention on Muscles & Skeletal areas! Access Massage Prep from your desktop, laptop, iPad, or Tablet.

Solutions available:

Crammer's Delight 1 month access $30.00
Procrastinator's Special 3 months access $40.00
Jump Start 6 months access $60.00
Head-of-the-Class 10 months access $90.00